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I am the thinker who thinks the thoughts

These words from Sue K. Riley mean so much in times of hurt and confusion. I have a body, and  I am not my body. I have feelings and I am not my feelings. I even have thoughts and I am not my thoughts. I am the thinker who thinks the thoughts. It is imperitive, in order to grow spiritually to take responsibility for what thoughts we give feelings, thoughts and actions to. What say you?



What do you say when someone asks you if you are God? Our first inclination might be one of three responses. First, our teaching may encourage us to say an emphatic YES! Then in the spirit of humility one might say, well that depends on your definition. A third response might be "well sort of." My way of thinking is to say "as a matter of fact I AM, and so are you" What do you think?

Freedom in Forgiveness

We are truly free only when have the strength to forgive ourselves. When I stop carrying the burden of resentment I am free. I am the only one who can forgive my transgressions and so I do this quickly lest I forget.

When I have enough strength and courage to forgive myself, forgiving you is easy. These are some of the remarks I recall from Wednesday's service and discussion. How do you think forgiveness works or does it? What are your thougts on freedom and forgiveness?

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